Simple Budget Template

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Are you tired of wondering, "Where did all my money go?"

One day, we have lots of money and the next; it seems like it vanished into thin air. This usually happens when we don't keep track of our money. We need to know what we plan to do with our money in order to make the best use of it.

This is where a budget comes in!


This Simple Budget Template is simple and easy to use.

  • It can help you set and achieve financial goals

  • Assists in controlling spending

  • Helps you identify your spending habits

  • Enables you to identify areas for improvement


  1. Drop-down menu helps you select if the income or expense line item is Fixed or Variable.

  2. "Month" drop-down menu enables you to select the month the budget applies to.

  3. "Year" drop-down menu enables you to select the year the budget applies to.

  4. "Percentage" column indicates the percentage of income or expense an income or expense line item is.

    Budgets play an important role in helping one achieve their financial goals.

    By analysing your income and expenses using this Simple Budget Template, you can identify what you need to address to achieve these goals.

    Visit to learn more about Budgeting for Beginners!

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Drop-down menus
Easily categorise income or expense!
Find out what percentage of your income or expense a particular line item is.
No need to add or subtract values! Simply input figures and watch the totals be tallied up.


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Simple Budget Template

9 ratings
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